Welcome thespians one and all

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As the president of the club, I would like to welcome you to our brand new website and encourage you to try out some of the user friendly features we have.  Thanks to Kerrie Jewell-Harrison for producing and maintaining the site

Kamloops Players Society started up in the 1960s.

We are the original theatre group in Kamloops and have performed countless plays over the years for the enjoyment of our community and to share the love of live theatre with all of you. Hard working people over the years have attributed to the success of our club and our great Board Executive, Directors, members and community alliances all contribute in valued ways to the ongoing success of the Kamloops Players Society. Whether it be a dream to be on stage, or an interest in getting involved with something outside of work, we have it here for you.

One of the neat things about our growing family is learning where people came from and why they got involved in the first place. Its great to work with people on different projects and support each other in different roles. If it isn't on stage then its behind the scenes or in the front of the house. For some it is frequent and for others its periodically. Great memories are made, strong friendships are formed and love of theatre is shared amongst people who may not have ever crossed paths in our day to day lives.

It has been a true pleasure to have met all of you, worked along side of so many and hold this elected position of President since 2012. If I were standing up and welcoming you all, I would sidebar to something else to lighten the mood! Thankfully, I am typing this so no one needs to hear me cherry pick as I tell a story or point out where the facilities are located in the building!

Please let us know if you have interest in getting involved, and spread the word and help keep local live theatre alive and thriving in your own city! We always welcome new members and we have lots of ways for you to participate. Interest, energy, skill or effort... we accept it all.

 With thanks and for the love of theatre...

 That's a wrap.

 Tammi Rose - President